NY Wedding Band Cost

Of Course, You Need to Know What This Is Going to Cost. We’re more affordable than you think. Play the video, then give us a call.

When you hire the five members of Average Bar Band to perform at your wedding in New York City, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut or the surrounding area you’re paying for professionalism, preparation, and a lot of practice. Before we perform your wedding song at your wedding, we rehearse it many, many times—to the point where we can perform the song like we wrote it ourselves.

We put a lot of practice and effort into our work and, admittedly, we’re not the least expensive wedding band performing in this region. However, we believe that if you visit our website, view our video, attend one of our showcases or give us a call at 212.989.6331 to discuss all the planning and collaboration we put into making your big day special, you’ll agree that the wedding band cost bid we offer is surprisingly reasonable.

ny-wedding-band-cost Wedding Band Costs vary and we hate to give a standard bid because each situation is different, depending on the type of event, the location, the number of guests, the length, the start and end times, the day and the date, the size of the band, the amount of request tunes learned for the client. Sometimes clients will request that we playing during the ceremony and during the cocktail hour leading up to the event. And if you’re looking for the bargain wedding band, we probably aren’t for you. However, we are flexible, adaptable, prepared and always on schedule (We plan for traffic!).

A soulful and grooving rock cover band with a little R&B mixed in, Average Bar Band rehearses 3-5 times a week and we’re constantly updating and expanding our set list to include both new numbers and additional standards. We respect all great music from the 1950s to today, and strongly believe in collaborating with brides, grooms, family members and wedding planners to include songs the bride, groom and their special guests truly care about.

With Average Bar Band, you’ll be trusting one of the most important days of your life to musicians who’ve played with The Teenagers (“Why Do Fools Fall In Love“) and The Chiffons (“He‘s So Fine“), as well as Norah Jones, Lauryn Hill and Gloria Estefan! One of our sub guitarists showcased for Clive Davis. Our subs are just as good as our main members, and have the websites, videos, mp3s and reviews to prove it.

It’s our job to give the client what they want, and play the music like we wrote it ourselves, and we do that for an amazingly good price.  To learn more and to discuss costs and benefits of working with Average Bar Band, contact bandleader Jimmy Greenwood at 212.989.6331 to find if we’re the “right one” to create the wedding music for your reception, anniversary or other special event.

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